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Jackson High School Boys Volleyball


Will we have practices or matches during Spring Break?

There are no required practices or matches scheduled during Spring Break. There will be optional practices and open gyms.

Can a player participate in the Boys’ Volleyball Club if he is participating in another Spring Sport?

Since we will be practicing in the evenings and this is a club sport, this may allow some to participate in two different Spring Sports. This is a tricky question, because we realize this is a new experience for many people and we want to provide an opportunity for anyone interested. We will welcome all interested players; however, we will respect those that make this commitment their sole priority.

Will we welcome interested players after cuts are made from other Spring Sports?

The answer is yes; however, once teams have been announced and decided within our program (approximately March 11th), there may not be spots available.

What is the expected cost to participate?

This is a club sport, so we will have a Pay-to-Play fee of $100 payable to the club and $100 payable to the school. Every family is expected to participate in the fundraiser and sell tickets. The cost to play is $400, if no Fundraising Tickets have been sold. This fee is not tied to any other school sport of any kind.

Is the Pay-to-Play fee due in full at Tryouts?

The answer is no; however, each player will be expected to pay in full by March 27th.

What time will practices be?

We will have to be somewhat flexible during the season, especially early in the season. Right now our practices will be from 6:00-8:00 PM, Monday thru Thursday and 4:00-6:00 PM, on Fridays.

Where will the matches be?

We will have a series of Home and Away matches during the season. Most of the JV matches will begin at either 6:00 or 6:30 PM and then the Varsity matches will begin immediately after around 7:00 or 7:30 PM. We will be practicing and playing in the Main Gym at Jackson High School and in the purple gym at JMMS.

What equipment will players need?

Uniforms will be provided for the team. Each player will need to wear proper court shoes or volleyball shoes. Each player will have the option to wear knee pads as well. We will have special pricing available for shoes and knee pads with Elite Sports Ohio, so please ask for more details if needed.

Will Varsity players be eligible for Varsity letters?
NEW!!! We are now able to provide Varsity letters and JV pins to our athletes, as long as they meet the minimum requirements set out by Jackson High School Athletics.

Does the Boys' Volleyball Program count as a Required Spring Sport for athletes?

Yes! Each player will need to fill out the required Waiver form that can be found on our web page under forms.